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Waimate District Darts Assn.


Waimate District Darts Assn.
2012 Trophy Winners
Winner first round Rothmans Challenge Trophy Royal
Runner up first round Pam & Ewan Bell, Forks Trophy Empire
Winner top half 2nd round Publicans Trophy Royal
Runner up top half Hayden Barron Memorial Cup Empire
Winner bottom half 2nd round L Richards Challenge Cup Forkers
R/up bottom half 2nd round Rothmans Dart Tournament Cup St Andrews
Most Pionts Partridge Trophy Royal
Most Games Johnson's Empire Tavern Empire
Most 100's Men Henry Rhodes Cup T&CC; James Lang
Most 100's women Howden Trophy T&CC; Karen Robinson
1st four's Burton Fours Empire; Brent McMorran, Mark Guyton, Diann Jones, Craig Robinson
2nd four's Runner's up Tray Waimate Bl; Mitch Donovan, Dion Walker, Chris Tawhiti, Vic Moriarty
1st three's Tweedie Triples Royal; Jim Clark, Harry Davies, Wayne Hawkins
2nd three's   Waimate Gl; Phil Tweedie, Bill Johnson, Craig Rowley
Mens pairs Bruce Morrison Memorial Cup Empire; Brent McMorran, Craig Robinson
Runner Ups   Forkers; Tony Mulligan, John Colvill
Ladies Pairs Osbourne Trophy Forkers; Doreen Mulligan, Jacqui Scarlett
Runner Ups   T&CC; Karen Robinson, Ina Kitai
Married Pairs Anderson Challenge Cup Karen & Jim Clark
Runner Ups   Diann & Lindsay Jones
Mixed Pairs Waimate Ladies Dart Club Cup T&CC; Ina Kitai, David kitai
Runner Ups   Forkers; Tony & Doreen Mulligan
Drawn pairs Osbourne Memorial Trophy James lang & Craig Rowley
Runner Ups   Jim Clarke & Karen Robinson
Ladies Singles   Forkers; Doreen Mulligan
Runner up Attewell Cup T&CC; Karen Robinson
Mens Singles   T&CC; James Lang
Runner up   Royal; Jim Clark
Champion Of Champions   Royal; Jim Clark
Runner up   T&CC; James Lang
Some known 180's David Kitai, Jim Clark, James Lang, Craig Robinson, Tony Tangney, Marty Guyton, Brent McMorran,
  Chris Tawhiti, Lindsay Jones, Tony Mulligan, Wayne Hawkins


        Diann Jones 138 Karen Robinson 60
6/6/2012 Mixed Pairs David Kitai & Ina Kitai Doreen & Tony Mulligan    
        Pete 140 David Kitai 85
7/4/2012 Triples Waimate Gold 1 Waimate Black Sandy 121 Sandy 44
    Phil, Craig, Bill Chris, Mitch, Dion    
        140's- Hawkeye, Shane 92
        ChrisT, Mitch,  
        John G, James  
7/18/2012 Fours Empire Waimate Black Diann 92 Diann 16
    Craig, Brent, Bart, Diann Dion, Chris T, Mitch, Vic    
        Craig 140 Vic 58
8/1/2012 Pairs Forks T&CC Doreen 171 Iris 65
    Doreen, Jacqui Karen, Ina    
        Harry, 160 Harry, 110
    Empire Forkers    
    Craig, Brent Tony Mulligan, John Colvill    
8/22/2012 Singles Doreen Mulligan Karen Robinson Diann Jones 160 Doreen Mulligan 94
    James Lang Jim Clark Jim Clarke 180 Jim Clark 137
        David Kitai 180  
8/29/2012 Champion of Champions Jim Clark James Lang Diann Jones 100 Diann Jones 60
        Jim Clark 180 James Lang 120
9/9/2012 Married Pairs Karen & Jim Clark Diann & Lindsay Jones Karen R 115 Diann 20
        Craig 140 Jim 62
9/9/2012 Drawn Pairs James Lang & Jim Clark & Ina 127 Ina 45
  Craig Rowley Karen Robinson    
        Hawkeye 180 Hawkeye 114




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11th August 2018


Ladies Pts
Sha Hohipa 80
 Tina Osborne 80
Desi Mercer 72
Judy Fenton 63
Tara Mears 54
Jo Steed 54
Wendy Harper 52
Taylor-Marsh Kahakia 34
Chenesse Kauika 33
Lee Wright 26
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Men's Pts
Mark McGrath 82
Darren Herewini 66
Greg Moss  60
Mark Cleaver 55
Tahuna Irwin 54
Cody Harris 49
Ben Robb 46
Craig Caldwell 44
Bernie Smith 42
Haupai Puha 38
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