North Otago Darts Association Fixtures for the Year at a Glance 2001
Association Championships Winners
Ladies Singles Rae Melvin - Mens Singles Kerrin Robinson
Ladies Pairs Rae Melvin & Denise Ramage - Mens Pairs Kerrin Robinson & Wayne Mercer
Mixed Pairs Rae Melvin & Wayne Mercer - Husband & Wife Merihi & Pat McGrath
Champion of Champions Wayne Mercer
Most Singles Ladies Joanne Clark - Most Singles Men Pat McGrath
Most 180's Wayne Mercer
Association Representative Fixtures
Mens A North Otago 15 Mosgiel 9 - Mens B North Otago 20 Mosgiel 4 - Ladies North Otago 13 Mosgiel 11
Mens A Metro 14 North Otago 10 - Mens B North Otago 18 Metro 6 - Ladies Metro 17 North Otago 7
Mens A North Otago 17 Otago 7 - Mens B Otago 18 North Otago 6 - Ladies Otago 16 North Otago 8
Mixed Otago 20 North Otago 4
Association Open Tournament Winners
Jan McNoe Memorial Open Mixed Pairs Val & John Henry (South Canterbury)
Peter & Shelley Memorial Open Pairs Wayne Goodman (South Canterbury) & Wayne Mercer (North Otago)
Cousins Trophy Open Mixed Pairs Trish Wilson & Wayne Goodman (South Canterbury)
Bryon Gutschlag Memorial Open Pairs Dave Kane & Richie Swain (Dunedin)
Noel (Porky) Adamson Memorial Open Mixed Pairs Pam Greene & Darrell Ramage (North Otago)
North Otago Open Singles (Men) Oast House Liquorland Mick Scoullar (Dunedin Metro)
North Otago Open Singles (Ladies) Caroline Curry Memorial Sandra Young (Dunedin Metro)
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Full Results
Caroline Curry Memorial (Ladies)
Sandra Young (Dunedin Metro) 1st, Lee Fraser (Dunedin Metro) 2nd, Marion Reeves (Dunedin Metro) 3rd, Val Henry (South Canterbury) 4th, Joanne Clark (North Otago) 5th, Dawn Willis (Waimate) 6th, Rae Melvin (North Otago) 7th, Ria Swain (Dunedin Metro) 8th and Pam Greene (North Otago) 9th
Oast House Liquorland (Men's)
Mick Scoullar (Dunedin Metro) 1st, John Henry Jnr (South Canterbury) 2nd, John Henry Snr (South Canterbury) 3rd, Ritchie Swain (Dunedin Metro) 4th, Wayne Mercer (North Otago) 5th, Aaron Cowles (North Otago) 6th, Pat McGrath (North Otago) 7th, Darrell Ramage (North Otago) 8th, Keith Young (Dunedin Metro) 9th, Charile Taylor (North Otago) 10th, Ken Smith (North Otago) 11th, Willie Melvin (North Otago) 12th, Noel Harney (North Otago) and Brenden Adams (North Otago)13th=
Ladies High Score Joanne Clark - Mens High Score John Henry Snr
Ladies High Finish Val Henry - Mens High Finish John Henry Jnr
Furthest North Otago Ladie Joanne Clark - Furthest North Otago Man Wayne Mercer
180's Ritchie Swain (3), Aaron Cowles (2), Marion Reeves, Mick Scoullar, John Henry Snr and Pat McGrath


Sister takes out brothers memorial tournament.
Pam Greene along with Darrell Ramage take out Noel (Porky) Adamson Memorial from Rae Melvin and Pat McGrath.
Full Results: North Otago players unless stated,
Pam Greene & Darrell Ramage 15wins 1st, Rae Melvin & Pat McGrath 14wins 2nd, Cathy Dennison (Pareora) & Wayne Mercer 13wins 3rd, Pat Yee & Aaron Cowles 12wins 4th, Joanne Clark & Willie Melvin and Dawn Willis (Waimate) & Craig Robinson (Waimate)10wins 5th=, Dianne Whalley & Nathan Ramage 9wins 7th, Karen Robinson (Waimate) & Brent McMorran (Waimate) and Pat Adams & Gary Fenemor8wins 8th=, Jude Shearer (Pareora) & Miles Donehue (Pareora) 7wins 10th, Alene Nuttall & Syd Velenski 6wins 11th, Jane Wilson & Noel Sheridan, Judy Byrnes (Pareora) & Ken Vincent (Pareora), Ina Kitai (Waimate) & David Kitai (Waimate) and Dawn Fenemor & Jon White5wins 12th=, Tarla Ramage & Worm 3wins 16th and Tami Harrison & Andrew Greene 1win 17th
Ladies High Start: Andrea 134 - High Finish: Dawn Willis 104 - High Score: Ina Kitai 140
Mens High Start: Aaron Cowles 160 - High Finish: Wayne Mercer 88 - High Score: Pat McGrath 140

180s; Noel Sheridan, Aaron Cowles and Pat Adams all hit one each.


Full Results North Otago players unless stated,
Richie Swain (Dunedin) & Dave Kane (Dunedin) 9wins 1st,
Willie Melvin & Aaron Cowles 8wins 2nd,
Kerrin Robinson & Wayne Mercer 7wins 3rd,
Darrell Ramage & Mick Scollar (Dunedin) and Pat McGrath & George Spiers 5wins 4th=, Gary Fenemor & Noel Harney and Charlie Taylor & Noel Sheridan3wins 6th=, Steve Whalley & Leon Gutschlag (Christchurch) and Pat Bryce (Dunedin) & Ria Swain (Dunedin)2wins 8th = and Bob Hawtin & Jon White 1win 11th
Leon Gutschlag and Memorial winners Dave Kane and Richie Swain
High Score Richie Swain.
180s: Richie Swain & Wayne Mercer 2, Dave Kane, Darrell Ramage and Aaron Cowles 1 each.


(7th July 2001)
South Canterbury pairing of Trish Wilson and Wayne Goodman take out Cousins Trophy Open Mixed Pairs played on Saturday night (7th July 2001). Not losing a game Trish and Wayne went on to take the trophy from North Otago's Joanne Clark and Willie Melvin.
Full Results:
Trish Wilson & Wayne Goodman 1st, Joanne Clark & Willie Melvin 2nd, Pat Adams & Kerrin Robinson and Rae Melvin & Pat McGrath 3rd=, Pat Yee & Noel Sheridan and Venla Elliott & Noel Harney 5th=, Dianne Whalley & Nathan Ramage7th and Mararet & Eric Smith 8th.


Wayne Mercer (North Otago) along with Wayne Goodman (South Canterbury) paired up to take out the Peter & Shelley Memorial Open Pairs on Saturday night (23rd June 2001). After two play-offs Wayne & Wayne defeated North Otago's Darrell Ramage & Mike Fitzgerald and Aaron Cowles & Pat McGrath.
Full Results: All North Otago players unless stated South Canterbury (SC) & Otago (O)
Wayne Goodman (SC) & Wayne Mercer 1st, Darrell Ramage & Mike Fitzgerald 2nd, Aaron Cowles & Pat McGrath 3rd, Val & John Henry (SC) 4th, Ritchie Swain (O) & Dave Keane (O) 5th, Ryan Welsh & Nathan Ramage and Noel Harney & John Ferguson 5th =, Willie Melvin & Joanne Clark 8th, Noel Sheridan & Venla Elliott 9th, Ria Swain (O) & Pat Bryce (O) and Donna Reeves (SC) & Brendan Adams 10th=
There were 3 180s hit with John Henry, Pat McGrath and Aaron Cowles.
Furthest Mixed or Ladies Pairs Val & John Henry (SC).


(26th May 2001)
Val & John Henry (South Canterbury) 1st and Trish Wilson & Kevin Leighton (South Canterbury) 2nd
Raelene Melvin and her son Kerrin Robinson win first of local Championships
Full Results
Ladies Pairs
Rae Melvin & Denise Ramage 1st, Pam Greene & Joanne Clark 2nd, Pat Adams & Dawn Fenemor and Pat Yee & Jane Wilson 3rd= and Dianne Whalley & Venla Elliott 5th.
Men's Singles
Kerrin Robinson 1st, Wayne Mercer 2nd, Mike Fitzgerald 3rd, Pat McGrath 4th, Darrell Ramage and Willie Melvin 5th =, Ryan Welsh 7th, Nathan Ramage, Brendan Adams, Gary Fenemor and Eric Smith 8th=, Noel Harney 12th and Marty Davey 13th.
(14th June 2001)
Tony Cleaver & Shannon Walker 1st, Tawahi Geary & Neil Gibson 2nd, Tim Andrews & Gordon Upton 3rd, Simon Itter & Mike Williamson 4th, Allan Seddon & Jason Russell 5th and Hamish Campbell & Daniel Maindonald 6th.

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