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Special Itinerary Notice

To all NZ Players, this is concerning the (4) Friday evening Tournaments within the DPNZ itinerary  which were to be played at the four (4) double header's starting this weekend with Auckland, due to circumstances beyond our control they will now go on hold until conformation of their requirement is received.
Once DPNZ receive this information about these qualifiers, a set of dates, times and venues will be made available to all.
DPNZ apologize to all players for any inconvenience. 


To Dart Players & Officials


We at DPNZ received a call and e-mail's from Kevin & the PDC about our player selection process, as they said, it will need some attention plus a revamp if New Zealand is to keep it's wild card into Ladbrokes Worlds.

DPNZ has been working very hard over the last two or three weeks to set in place a format that the PDC has approved of, plus also with out turning our whole system up side down for this year. For 2013 the top (16) sixteen will playoff on the Sunday following the National Championships at Upper Hutt in Wellington, at this point a start time of 9.30am still needs to be confirmed.

We are pleased to advise all you Darts Players that confirmation has just arrived from Mr Kevin Berlyn, confirming that our 2013 wild card into Ladbrokes Worlds has been approved.


New Player Format for the LADBROKES Worlds


1. This year the (12) twelve Puma Open winners will be joint with another (4) four from the Puma Open Rankings ONLY, to playoff for the Ladbrokes Worlds in England.

2. Should a player win more than (1) one Open, instead of taking (4) four from the Rankings we will take (5) five and so on as required to make up the top DPNZ (16) sixteen Ladbrokes Worlds playoff.

3. To fill the last (16) all players on the same amount of points will be drawn by lot to fill the required number.(Example:- The rankings now cut off at 13 and 10 players on 8 points for (3) spots 14,15,16 which would be drawn by lot.) The last (16) players will be confirmed a week after the conclusion of the last Puma Open

4. The top (16) sixteen players will be placed into (4) four lots of pool play according to rankings, where a preconceived draw will in each of the three rounds, play a total of (7) seven legs in each game played. The winner & runner up from each group of the morning's pool play, will qualify for the afternoon pool play of the top (8) eight, where also a preconceived draw will await them. Where as above a total of (7) legs were played, the Afternoon pool play will play a total of (9) legs in each game played.

5. In each lot of pool play where players have the same number of leg count, the winner of the first game played in pool play will receive the extra point. If the above doesn't confirm the pool, a game of 1001 will be played between the players concerned.

6. First Semi-Final, Winner of pool 1 to play the Runner Up of pool 2.  Second Semi-Final, Winner of pool 2 to play the Runner Up of pool 1. These will be played in sets, best of (5) five legs 501, best of (3) sets.

7. The Final will also be played in sets, best of (5) five legs 501, best of (5) five sets

8. All games are straight start, double finish

9. A confidence and acceptance meeting with DPNZ will be a requirement of both the winner & runner up individually, the PDCs South Pacific's Representaive Mr Kevin Berlyn, will also be included to approve the selected player.

DPNZ's 2013 16 Playoff for the Ladbrokes Worlds






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