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5th February 2017



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NZDC Rankings

As of 13th November 2016


Ladies Pts
Tina Osborne 66
 Sha Hohipa 46
Jo Steed 36
Peggy Wikaira 23
Judy Fenton 22
Chris Hay 21
Desi Mercer 18
Taylor-Marsh Kahaki 16
Jannette Jonathan 13
Jane Harrington 12
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Men's Pts
Cody Harris  51
Greg Moss 48
 Craig Caldwell 38
Mark Cleaver 31
Mark McGrath 26
John Kelly 16
Bernie Smith 16
Warren Parry 14
Mike Day 13
Peter Hunt 13
Steve Padget 11
Brian Steed 10
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DPNZ's 2013 16 Playoff for the Ladbrokes Worlds

Click to Download Download DPNZ's 2013 16 Playoff for the Ladbrokes Worlds


To Dart Players & Officials

We at DPNZ received a call and e-mail's from Kevin & the PDC about our player selection process, as they said, it will need some attention plus a revamp if New Zealand is to keep it's wild card into Ladbrokes Worlds.

DPNZ has been working very hard over the last two or three weeks to set in place a format that the PDC has approved of, plus also with out turning our whole system up side down for this year. For 2013 the top (16) sixteen will playoff on the Sunday following the National Championships at Upper Hutt in Wellington, at this point a start time of 9.30am still needs to be confirmed.

We are please to advise all you Darts Players that confirmation has just arrived from Mr Kevin Berlyn, confirming that our 2013 wild card into Ladbrokes Worlds has been approved.



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Glen Eden  R.S.A.
9 Glendale Road,


(28th January 2017)



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As of 29th May 2016

  2015/16 Rankings

Ladies Pts
Heather Siebers 92
Judy Fenton 88
Raewyn Davis 88
Desi Mercer 80
Tina Osborne 56
Sha Hohipa 56
Megan Smith 52
Michaela Makiha 48
Piki Morrison 44
Ashlee Regnaud 44
[Ladies Full Rankings]
Men's Pts
Cody Harris 212
Rob Szabo 200
Warren Parry 168
Michael Lacey 128
Craig Caldwell 92
Mark Cleaver 80
John Kelly 76
Neville Herbert 60
Tukina Weko 52
Mark McGrath 44
[Men's Full Rankings]