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DPNZ Auckland Puma Open 2013

     Dart Players New Zealand Auckland Puma Open 2013

Dale Frampton

The Auckland Puma Open which was held on the 26th of January, 2013 at the West City Darts Association's club rooms, seen a good number of players from

all around the Area and other parts of the country. With a total of (72) seventy two players, they were made up of (50) Men & (22) Ladies, which is good to see on such a great day weather wise, where as the high standard of play by the players inside must have been reflected by the day outside.

While on that note, just a wee tail about Cody Harris the eventual winner.

As the story goes, Cody had  arranged to go fishing the morning  of the Tournament but this was never going to happen because he slept in, so instead being out on the water catching a fish, Cody was in a club making some money, that's Talent!!

Men's Results

With a field of 50 men's entries in section play, 29 qualified into the knockout where the standard of play in some of the earlier games was seen to be a bit up and down, but as the knockout round continued on so improved the standard which then seen some really great games. Ninth to Sixteenth are as follows; Rex Harper of Waikato lost to Monty  Tuhua of Auckland / Ron Botor of Auckland lost to Cody Harris of Auckland / Neil Pugh of Auckland lost to Barry Kapa of Auckland /

Mark McGrath of West Coast N.I. lost to Tukina Weko of Auckland / Andre Albertyn of Auckland lost to Craig Caldwell of Wellington /Mike Radford of Auckland lost to Steve Davis of Auckland / John Sinclair of Auckland lost to Tony Lee of Auckland / Richard Te Whero of Auckland lost to Mike Day of Auckland.

The quarter finals produced some very good darts for those people who were watching, Monty  lost to Cody, Barry lost to Tukina, Steve lost to Craig, Tony lost to Mike, these last results gave us the Semi Finals with  Cody playing Tukina and Craig playing Mike. The first semi seen, Cody and Tukina's was a 5 to 3 result,

Cody's winning legs were 16,17,17,21 and 18 giving  him an overall average of 80.07. Tukina's three winning legs were 15,25 and 19 giving  him an average of 76.42.

The second semi between Craig and Mike also gave the on lookers something

to cheer about with  the game going down to the last leg, although Mike was looking to take the match out in the 8th leg, he had to watch as Craig pegged out on a 144 to send the match into the 9th leg where Craig took out the last leg in 15 darts, his other four winning legs were 15, 20,20 and 23 this gave Craig an average of 80.80 This was a very impressive hard played match with  Mike producing a better average but the

old age problem that Mike had at times was where did my double's go when I needed one. Mike's winning legs were 22,20,14 and 16 giving  him an average of 83.50.


The final between Cody & Craig produced once again a high standard of darts, although by this time Cody Harris seemed to find another gear, and walk away with  a 6 to 2 win. Cody's winning legs were 19,21,16,17,21 and 18 darts with  an average of 80.51, Craig's two winning legs gave him an average of 77.07.


Ladies Results

The Ladies received a good entry of 22, and after section play 12 qualifiers were drawn into the knockout, the last eight results were; Peggy Wikaira  of Auckland lost to Ngapine Heke of Auckland / Tauturu John of Auckland lost to Lynette Bennett of

Auckland / Malia Ioane of Auckland lost to Maria Siavale of Auckland /Wendy harper of Waikato lost to Kit Bennett of Waikato.

With the Semi Finalist found Kit was to play Maria and Lynette playing Ngapine, the first match between Kit Bennett & Maria Siavale went all the way with  Kit coming out on top

5 /4, the second game between Lynette Bennett and Ngapine Heke seemed to be a one sided affair, rolling out to a 5 / 1 in favour of Ngapine.

After the Semi's a final between Ngapine Heke & Kit Bennett were set to do battle, but

Kit seemed to have another agenda, defeating Ngapine 6 to 1.



Most 180s went Craig Caldwell with  a total of 8, a total of 50, 180s were hit for the day. Men's highest finish of 156 was hit by Mike Collett

Ladies highest finish of 150 was hit by Kit Bennett


DPNZ Auckland Puma Open 2012

Malia Loane and Richard Te Whero Win DPNZ Puma Auckland Open 

Richard and Malia win Puma Auckland Open
2012 Auckland Puma Open Results